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[msn:messanger] online, others think im offline




i just got a quick problem hopefully with a quick solution, i currently using WLM 8 beta and well when i signed on, its says im online which is fine, but according to all my contacts its says im offline, i know its not much of a problem but then it sometimes doesnt allow them to type messages to me, or obviously if im supposably "offline" so nobody can actually see im online.

I then removed WLM 8 thinking it could be something with being a BETA and installed latest edition of MSN Messanger that to be honest doesnt show that im offline when im not, As much as WLM8, but still does this why and how can i prevent this from happening!!!!

thanks for you time fblade

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I had this on and off a while back with MSN... nothing permanent, and I just presumed that there was something wrong with the local MSN service, as I wasn't the only one to experience it. One thing that is really irritating, is that I was eager to install WLM on my laptop... and when I did, it screwed everything up, and now my beloved laptop simply cannot sign me, or anyone else in... even after killing WLM and re-installing MSN 7.5 :( So... off topic, if anyone has any ideas on helping me sort that one out...

I have found out that with WLM you can set your status to 'appear offline' and still chat to people... I think that's really cool, certainly if you really are busy doing homework or summat with people over the net, and random contacts don't understand 'busy' and start chatting to you... or if you're having a not-so-very-social day... or am I alone in that respect? :p

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