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chrisdoland    4

Using Opera 11 & Blown away by how good this one is! I hate Opera! Good job! Scrolls smooth, all my flash porn sites render fast, hotmail & gmail load properly when called by trillian, loads in a second. Initial display of a website can take several seconds due to it initially caching the site, after that it's a split second! Waiting to try extensions till they get something I want or at least till a few more builds.Excellent! I found nothing wrong!

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MOtorHead    0

An update reminder to Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian users (or anyone else on a Debian based distro)

As I mentioned previously we recently issued a new Opera 11 final build for users of Debian based distros that included a new repository key. You will need this to maintain auto update functionality.

If you have been receiving errors such as the following:

W: GPG error: stable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY F9A2F76A9D1A0061

Or if your opera:about has a build number than 1176, you need to update your repository key.

This can be done in one of two ways. The easiest if to download and (re-)install the latest build from here:

32bit Linux: opera_11.00.1176_i386.deb (9.6Mb)

64bit Linux: opera_11.00.1176_amd64.deb (11Mb)

( or )

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can issue one of the following commands.

For those with sudo installed and configured (most Ubuntu and Mint users):

wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Without sudo:

su -c "wget -O- | apt-key add - "

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cropcircles    51

Having numerous issues with 11.0 so I went back to 10.63. Looks like there is 11.1 now I will have to check out. I was having issues related to pages loading slow and getting high CPU warning.

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MOtorHead    0

A first glimpse at Opera 11.10 “Barracuda”

We are proud to announce that the first snapshot of Opera 11.10, codename “Barracuda,” has finally arrived! Everyone here has worked hard to get this new shiny build out to you. up

In this build, Core has been upgraded from version 2.7.62 to 2.8.99, which is a pretty big step forward. With this Core upgrade comes the implementation of the Web Open Font Format (WOFF).

In addition, a batch of changes to network compatibility has been implemented. The purpose of these changes is to modify our network behaviour so that we are more compatible with other web browsers.

These changes include:

Disable Cookie2 by default, with an option to enable it again

Send more compatible Accept* headers

Disable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 by default

Make sure redirects from http to https are labelled secure

Remove the use of master password for client certificates

Added a preference to disable cross-network protection

Apart from that, frequent crashes for Mac users on Facebook, Live Mail/Hotmail, and Google Docs are finally resolved.

This build is the first step towards the 11.10 release, but there's more stuff to come, so stay tuned!

Happy testing! sherlock

Known issues

No HTML5 media playback on Mac

Acid3 reference rendering is broken

Mouse panning broken on Windows

Tabs opened by extensions open to the left instead of the right

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.





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max22    93

Thanks MOtorHead! I am loving this!

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MOtorHead    0

Barracuda gets some teeth!


Today we will ship the first of many changes for Speed Dial that is targeted for the upcoming Barracuda release. It will however be delivered in separate pieces before you will see the entire puzzle laid out.

Opera's Speed Dial was first introduced in an Opera 9.20 snapshot on Feb 28th 2007. The idea came about as we observed that people kept typing the same addresses for a few of their favourite websites again and again. Getting to their top web sites could mean hundreds or thousands of clicks on the keyboard in a single day. The solution we came up with was very simple, but very powerful. And today it's still one of the most loved, and copied, features in Opera.

But now it's time to move Speed Dial to the next level. We are going to make Speed Dial more fluid, dynamic and easier to use! What is included in this snapshot is the new flow layout. Please remember this is just a first peek at the changes we are making. Many very smart and innovative solutions are on the way. So stay tuned!

Also being introduced in this snapshot is the first stage of improvements to discover more of the features of Opera. Don't worry, there won't be any pop-up bubbles or constant nagging. Instead we are going to have subtle animations and messages to remind you of features you can use in Opera.

Let us know if you can find the three features we have added discoverability to.

Known issues

Speed Dial synchronization is disabled for now

Address bar not focused when starting Opera with extensions

Tabs opened by extensions open to the left instead of the right

Using the Content Blocker while logged in to Opera Link can cause a crash

Ctrl+Shift+V opening in a new background tab

Slightly older skin

Mouse panning broken on Windows

Drag and drop to Attachments field opens files in Opera on Windows

No HTML5 media playback on Mac

International font settings are not remembered on Mac

Broken Cyrillic local paths on Mac

Cannot copy text from certain applications on 64bit Linux/FreeBSD

KDE File selector can not save to a non-existing file on Linux/FreeBSD

Workspace is incorrect with the X11 toolkit on Linux/FreeBSD

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.







CORE-34165 (Malware check should ignore intranet URIs)

CORE-35189 (Memory usage errors on

CORE-35514 (Opera freezes on some turkish sites)


New Speed Dial Flow layout

Feature discoverability improvements

Potential fixes for some reported crashes that have not been reproduced locally

DSK-276688 (Can not change mail signature from HTML to plain text)

DSK-310758 (Dialog "Opera printing" is hardcoded English)

DSK-312815 (POP3 crash on exit)

DSK-322763 (Crash saving bookmarks file)

DSK-323901 (Mail label created from "save search" also shows non-matching messages that are received after the label is created)

DSK-324324 (Sorting message list by label isn't working anymore)

DSK-325103 (Label As submenu from the mail body context menu shows an empty label list)

DSK-325160 (Can't connect directly to a Unite instance)

DSK-325608 (Crash after opening Mail Window in separate tab)

DSK-326478 ("Sent" view under POP access point shows sent messages for all accounts that use the same SMTP server)

DSK-326763 (POP Inbox view is not updated anymore after restart)

DSK-326876 (Crash on exit, with either POP or mailing list / feed folders)

DSK-327600 ('saved search' labels removed after second restart)

DSK-327834 (Crash on startup for upgrade from 11.01.1190 to 11.10.24399)

DSK-329408 (IPv6 connection failures on Mac/Linux/FreeBSD)


DSK-325978 (Improve (cold) startup performance on machines with slower disks)

CORE-35845 (Geolocation module initialisation takes too long to startup)


DSK-296999 (Crash/exit in when a user attempts to forcibly shut Opera down)

DSK-322116 (CSS cursor:progress is using old x11 style cursor)

DSK-326370 (X11 File chooser does not always update content)

DSK-326611 (Menubar layout doesn't change when widget style change in KDE4)

DSK-326729 (Styling issues for the menubar)

DSK-326764 (Opera does not support XSettings protocol


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PreKe    147

What happened to speed dial?

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Lion and Lamb Ministry    5

I had been loving the Opera Desktop Team Snapshots, but then all of a sudden with Barracuda, Opera is not working with the JCE editor in Joomla, which is the most popular editor in Joomla. It may sound insignificant, but I use the editor on 4 sites, for various blogging and whatnot.

The issue is with the javascript pop-up for HTML editing and for Image uploading and inserting. The Pop-ups are blank. Just a frame. And no way to paste HTML code, or upload images.

And yes, I have reported it as a bug. But it is now what 4 builds later and this STILL has not been addressed.

Chrome, FF4RC, and EVEN IE9 WORK!! But NOT Opera Barracuda.

Anyone else have this issue?

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A.Gabri    5

does anybody know how to disable auto image resize ?

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dknm    11
Here is a second release candidate for Opera 11.10 ("Barracuda"). Since we are so close to release the change log is a little smaller than normal, with a focus on critical fixes.

Once again, thanks to all the snapshot users for your testing.

Known issues

Translations have not been updated yet (they will be updated if the build is selected to be released as the final version)

Note: Before reporting any possible release blockers, please consider doing a clean install to verify if it still happens there. Some problems seem to be caused by "dirty" installations of snapshots on top of older snapshots with experimental code.

Full Release Notes

Windows / Mac / Linux

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Tom    1,190
This is the third Barracuda release candidate.

We've been able to bring in a few more important fixes before the weekend, so let us know if you come across any new problems since the previous RC.

Have a nice weekend, and happy testing!

Note: Before reporting any possible release blockers, please consider doing a clean install to verify if it still happens there. Some problems seem to be caused by "dirty" installations of snapshots on top of older snapshots with experimental code.


New Windows installer graphics

Further improvements to thumbnail quality in some cases, and crop small thumbnails around logo

Some crash fixes

Reverted a couple of fixes (cache crash, gesture crash)

Updated localization

DSK-329591 New context menu appears when closing context menu

DSK-331809 JavaScript alerts and prompts don't display on reload

DSK-332706 X-Purpose header is added twice for GET requests

DSK-330139 [Mail] First mail attachment can not be deleted

DSK-333366 [Mac][Mail] Impossible to drag messages to mail folders or labels

DSK-315504 [Mac] JavaScript alerts that open shortly after page load close instantly

DSK-333321 [*nix] Arrow should be removed from speed dial edit dialog on non-compositing systems

CORE-37839 Iframe ad misplaced on zoomed-in thumbnail

CORE-37846 Do not reload thumbnail URLs for view mode minimized when changing window size

CORE-37851 Client certificate export does not work




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DrJens    20

New release today. Loooong change log.

Opera?s Core department delivers with this large update. This is a feature packed release with a new implementation of the HTML5 history extension API, custom data-* attributes API, Element.classList API (sweet!), and more.

The Desktop team has also been busy. We have extended the capabilities of tab stacking into the Windows panel. We have also made some other improvements and ironed out a few bugs with tab handling along the way. Session saving, and internal favicon handling should now be faster and more robust. Please give these areas some extra attention when testing, and particularly possible data loss bugs related to sessions.

Opera Mail got a new tool to help prevent bulk unsolicited email senders from confirming your address as being active. All external images are blocked by default, but we now include a new toolbar that will allow you to temporarily allow loading the external images from a trusted sender. The sender can also be added to a white-list from the toolbar.

Mac users of Opera Next must manually update to this release to get auto-update working. The update should be going out tomorrow for the rest of you. Manual downloads are available for the impatient.

Known issues

DSK-337907 (Crash on start up when launched from Gnome, KDE or Xfce menu)

Inspecting elements with Dragonfly does not work

Win / Mac / Lnux

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Paul Ferson    51

Opera is getting better and better with each and every release of it that I see. Opera 11.50 Build 1020 was impressive and the fact 1024 is now out as well is quite exciting really. I had no idea Opera was developed on such a quick cycle, but that is definitely not a complaint about the browser.

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MOtorHead    0

Hello all, after a long weekend in the Oslo office we are ready to present you with a new build.

This new build has a lot of interesting new stuff like some new core features:

- Indeterminate state for HTMLInputElement.indeterminate and checkboxes.

- EventSource is now enabled for Web Workers.

There are some performance and memory usage improvements in this build, the highlight here is a big speed up for parseInt.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.




My linkLinux/FreeBSD



DSK-292114 Tab Bar fails to redraw correctly after returning from hibernation

DSK-338103 Crashes when using the tab cycler to move between tabs while a modal dialog is open

DSK-323390 Alt+Up and Alt+Down don't scroll messages anymore

DSK-336210 Menu > Mail > Read Mail fails to show mail

DSK-337889 In private tabs, context menu search using keyboard modifiers not opened in private tabs

DSK-338097 "Suppress External Embeds" config setting doesn't work

DSK-338342 Saved sessions containing a Mail tab will not load in a profile without a mail account

DSK-338303 Dragging a sessions file to an Opera window does not open the session

DSK-276827 Trashed favorites still show up in the panel toolbar

DSK-336892 Another Opera not shut down issue casued by message flooding from flash plugin


CORE-1886 Cached HEAD requests (XMLHttpRequest) affect normal GET request

CORE-6596 Improve popup blocker (block more popups)

CORE-7874 Broken radial gradients

CORE-18313 Implement HTMLInputElement.indeterminate, and checkbox indeterminate state

CORE-20160 Asterisks (*) mistakenly escaped in form data

CORE-22453 Parsing of SVG <paint> fails in CSS for anything that has more than one value

CORE-29085 location.href="" doesn't reload page

CORE-29798 Make parseInt significantly faster

CORE-29903 Incorrect evaluation of RegExp: "aaa".match(/(a*){2}/)

CORE-30450 Uncaught DOMException does not show message in console, only [object DOMException]

CORE-30596 JS crash

CORE-31631 Variable becomes undefined within loop after assignment

CORE-31680 Array.prototype.join when separator is "this" doesn't work properly

CORE-32658 Document created by createHTMLDocument doesn't have a doctype

CORE-33787 RegExp.prototype.exec deviates from specification

CORE-34772 Videos on just show blank page - real document.write sometimes called even though script has overwritten it with a custom function

CORE-35531 SVGElement constructors and prototypes not exposed to scripts

CORE-36304 input type=email incorrectly rejects IDNs (non-ASCII domains)

CORE-36497 SVG crash when drawing a large number of characters on a path

CORE-36733 W3C Geolocation test suite conformance fixes

CORE-37054 Enable EventSource in Web Workers

CORE-37234 Background on a block child of a height/width-constrained multicol spills outside the multicol container

CORE-37284 Float in multicol prevents break

CORE-37315 Array.prototype.join doesn't comply to ES3/ES5 specification

CORE-37342 High memory usage caused by browser.js

CORE-37501 Better handling of Link entries with invalid date

CORE-37503 Crash when a direct child of the HTML element is being deleted with the Document Edit functionality

CORE-37655 Constants are not exposed on EventSource interface object

CORE-37662 Freeze at

CORE-37848 Sync does not write the disk queue on first start using sync

CORE-38010 NSL on first load of Web Fonts testcase

CORE-38045 High memory usage at

CORE-38091 Fix calculation of table-caption inside a CSS table element

CORE-38123 Form crash

CORE-38137 .text property not available in svg:script during BeforeScript event

CORE-38207 Freeze in designMode when two body elements which are both part of a selection are replaced with new text

CORE-38218 Form submit and reset fields values can't be updated through JS

CORE-38236 Crash related to text node selection and closed/removed popup windows or iframes

CORE-38244 The willValidate property is returning false when it should return true

CORE-38287 history.pushState and replaceState do not set the referrer correctly for subsequent requests

CORE-38309 AUDIO/VIDEO element moved between windows with a script causes crash

CORE-38315 Gradients with more than 32768 stops will cause a crash when applied (canvas, SVG, CSS)

CORE-38342 SVG animation crash

CORE-38343 Plugin fix (viewing videos at

CORE-38353 Save image option not available in context menu

CORE-38362 Form layout crash

CORE-38363 Web Worker crash

CORE-38408 OPTION background color doesn't work when initially off-screen

CORE-38431 Ensure that the server from the Link server is available to the sync UI

CORE-38441 contentEditable crash when typing

CORE-38523 Unable to close Flash dialog in the video recorder

CORE-38554 Incorrect text alignment (baseline) of text in canvas element

CORE-38564 Print previewing large table freezes browser

CORE-38588 Crash when replacing singleton prototype with another prototype singleton

CORE-38600 "javascript:alert(new RegExp(('^(?:\\d{7}(?:\\d{3})?)$')).test('1234567'));" should evaluate to true

CORE-38615 Array.prototype.join() crashing on non-array objects with initial holes

CORE-38621 Wrong duplication of content with multi-column container with column-fill:balance and block-level children

CORE-38631 Invalid read outside array of text when checking for surrogates in layout

CORE-38656 Don't throw for whitespace in atob()

CORE-38667 SVG BiDi crash/freeze

CORE-38688 Use less memory in representation of compiled ECMAScript code

CORE-38759 Cannot change inline styles of adopted node

CORE-38766 Should not consider <option> elements that are not children of <select> or <optgroup>

CORE-38767 Custom web fonts cause onload not to fire

CORE-38809 Crash when loading page with select box with many OPTIONs


DSK-286597 Starting Opera again to get new window in SDI mode doesn't work


DSK-337930 QuickTime plugin does not show up when loaded in background tab (or non-visible area of the page)

DSK-318787 Text with opacity is not painted when baseline is outside painting buffers

DSK-314922 Fix the Save dialog's dislike for extension preferences


DSK-337721 Selected (or active) push buttons do not look native under GTK toolkit

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dknm    11

JavaScript on a diet - Opera Wahoo

Here's the newest snapshot featuring numerous Core updates including:

Improved handling of coordinates and widths inside the layout engine (see the changelog for more details)

<video preload>, a simple form of bandwidth management where the author can give a hint about how much buffering is acceptable

Site compatibility fixes

Stability fixes

Memory fixes

We have also updated Carakan to use an improved, compact object model which increases overall performance, and reduces the engine's memory usage by up to 6-7% (in some cases even more).

General Core fixes

CORE-28724 Update to new IDNA specification (affects how names are converted to Unicode, and other things)

CORE-19293 <video preload> support

CORE-28530 Compact object representation in Carakan

CORE-38791 Scrolling fails midway in print preview for multipage documents when smooth scrolling is enabled

CORE-37682 Plugin memory fix

CORE-38808 :valid CSS pseudo-selector not applied when input type url auto-prepends http://

CORE-28535 querySelectorAll does not throw for an unsupported pseudo-class part of selector if there is a valid part first (jQuery)

CORE-38966 SVG animating fill using <animate> goes through the default color rather than starting from the current color

CORE-39004 eval() of JSON-like string fails if simple named property is followed by indexed one, as in "({ x: 'a', 0: 'b' })"

CORE-37125 Javascript evaluation of objects literal done in the wrong order

CORE-38887 Setting selectorText to invalid selector changes selector

CORE-35863 "".split(/re/) not returning an empty array

CORE-38923 JavaScript toLocaleDateString gives different results than other browsers

CORE-38743 Cache fix for

CORE-38998 Slightly tweaked the JIT compiler's code generation when mixing bitwise operations and other arithmetics

CORE-33000 Spatial navigation not blocked in print preview

CORE-38973 Fixed a regression that caused HTMLCollection.item to return undefined instead of null for out of range indexes

CORE-38885 Parsing <object type="moo"> in a document where scripting is disabled will misbehave

CORE-38898 Flash video continues to download after tab is closed

CORE-38846 HTTPS connections dropping

CORE-37703 Feed preview stops on "loading" with installed extension with injected script

CORE-16017 Dragonfly: Clean up "unknown" stop reasons

CORE-39086 <mark> closes <p> in the parser

CORE-30816 Dragonfly: Need a flag to to show URL loads originating from XHR

CORE-15815 Dragonfly: Clean up "unknown" script origin

CORE-38757 Setting valueAsNumber does not work as expected

CORE-39142 Missing reflow when setting outline dynamically

CORE-39049 Changing meta viewport via JavaScript doesn't trigger re-layout

CORE-38832 Can't retrieve already-present console messages when starting Dragonfly

CORE-7754 empty title="" should override parent title

CORE-39239 Failed to submit form in an iframe after frameset in another iframe

CORE-38121 User JS errors only reported once

CORE-23313 .style.textShadow drops color information

CORE-39013 Not all alternate stylesheets are discovered/listed in UI

CORE-7604 Font family and whitespace fails

CORE-39308 Improve handling of selection in text groups

CORE-15517 Three-digit hex color value in html tag attribute gets ignored

CORE-38946 document.activeElement should point to frame or iframe if child document has focus

CORE-37732 !important symbol gets parsed as part of unquoted font family

CORE-39338 SVG slideshow performance problem

CORE-27257 A webfont that overloads an existing platform font can break later uses of that font-family

CORE-39283 SVG memory leak

CORE-39260 CSS <family-name> not parsed correctly

CORE-14410 Unquoted font-family with invalid characters not dropped

Coordinate handling

CORE-28833 inline-block wrap after exceeding 32767px in overflow container at

CORE-36187 Floats taller than 32768px automatically cleared (affects Gmail)

CORE-2520 Positioning offsets => 32767px hide content

CORE-30734 Fixed position elements fail to respond to the mouse when scrolled too far horizontally (>10000 px)

CORE-38145 Block width limited to 32768px

CORE-31943 inline-block has maximum height of 2^15 (The Google Maps Api Reference)

CORE-17557 Page too wide, overflow caused by large negative text-indent and negative margin

CORE-35349 Float layout problem at due to large value not handled properly

CORE-30455 No content in the table at the bottom of the '' page - very large with makes scrollbar inactive, setting scrollLeft ignored

CORE-4766 Setting large value on iframe's height misplaces iframe

CORE-14494 Large values and truncation - disappearing scrollbar horizontal

CORE-3472 Large values for left placement on absolutely positioned element fails

CORE-32481 Margin and large left placement value causes horizontal scrollbar for absolutely positioned element

CORE-33625 Huge margin (>1000px) at RSS preview of

CORE-24303 Limited page width (too wide a table, overlap)

CORE-14492 Large values and truncation - disappearing scrollbar vertical (img)

CORE-29066 IMG can't be taller than 32767px (affects Y!Mail)

CORE-13433 Setting DOM element.scrollLeft ignored in some cases (scrollable div with table inside)

CORE-4171 Inner table with large percentage width expands outer table

CORE-39236 Input box beside button with large text-indent value disappears on receiving focus or typing into it

CORE-203 TD with percentage width should override TD with large pixel width

CORE-19546 Content pushed down in inline-block with ~2000+ <br> children

CORE-19857 Marquee width overflow

CORE-38246 Margin miscalculation

CORE-15794 Huge replaced inline-block child of inline-table not redrawn after obscuring window/dialog is dismissed

CORE-7534 getComputedStyle retreives incorrect initial value of max-width and max-height properties

CORE-6066 offsetHeight value limit

CORE-38144 Tables width limited to ~32768px

DSK-340579 Margin Bottom can't exceed ~32841px


CORE-39261 Scrolling prevented on

CORE-37975 Combination of text-align:right/center and negative text-indent introduces scrollbar in overflow container

CORE-31526 Moving element with box-shadow fails to paint correctly

CORE-24134 Should strip whitespace from contents of SCRIPT type attribute

CORE-37472 Box-shadow can introduce scrollbars

CORE-16900 Scrollbars recieve clicks on CSS positioned elements above them

CORE-38109 getPropertyPriority for shorthand properties

CORE-38334 ScrollToRect not working properly with border

CORE-38559 Overflow value from body propagates to viewport when root element has overflow != visible

CORE-9793 font-size: small on form elements produces larger text whilst it shouldn't

CORE-38158 Redraw issue when adding same CSS file twice

CORE-38254 New Yahoo! Mail chat doesn't load (generated hidden content for DOM-inserted iframe prevents rendering updates to the DOM inside the iframe itself)

CORE-38357 Margin is cleared due to combination of embedded content and min-height

CORE-38904 Replacing one of two references to the same externam CSS file disables the other


CORE-24058 XPath crash at and other sites

CORE-37171 Crash when running extractContents() on range ended at offset zero into a comment

CORE-39045 SVG font crash

CORE-38382 documentedit crash

CORE-38927 Freeze when removing the last element from nested body with documentedit

CORE-38765 DOM/documentedit crash

CORE-38963 Crash after focusing then unfocusing VIDEO element and pressing keys

CORE-39156 Crash on opening link in new tab from cross-network warning

CORE-38915 Crash with nested <option> elements

CORE-39198 JS crash

CORE-39315 DOM crash

CORE-38793 Crash on going back to normal view after script removes iframe while document is in print preview

CORE-35414 Crash with SVG images that include CSS stylesheets via @import

CORE-39008 Form crash

CORE-38443 Opera freezes with a big 'link_queue_myopera.dat'

CORE-38864 Freeze at Google Maps due to value returned by window.self.innerHeight in an iframe with display:none

Dev Blog & Download

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Marshall    15,354

Handful of bugs fixed!

Here I have the new snapshot featuring a few fixes. As you see we have fixed the Facebook freeze, which also occurred within other pages as well, as well other bugs.

Known issues:

Opera may crash when reloading pages with Dragonfly open

Opera Crashes whilst saving items in mail view

Opera crashes when you right click Opera in the task bar


Fixed freeze at Facebook and other sites

Fixed a few BitTorrent crashes

DSK-341929 Opera crashes if you remove the last Speed Dial and you have hidden the [+] button

DSK-334114 Storage dialog lists volatile storage

DSK-341541 Opera Link settings always shows Speed Dial Sync status from Opera startup value

DSK-340165 Painting issue after PDF is closed

DSK-272279 Use master password option doesn't always ask for authentication when repeatedly changing the option

DSK-341581 "en" should have the same quality score as the highest regional variant

DSK-340511 Extensions are launched even if set not to do so

DSK-339998 Command line argument on Mac to use system crash logging instead: -nocrashhandler

DSK-340909 Enable "Limit chat notification to personal messages" on all platforms, and set default value to on

DSK-339960 Clear Private Data: Close tabs only affects the active window

DSK-340924 Installed extensions are not filtered out from the suggestions

DSK-342023 Can't type in Flash chat after clicking it twice

DSK-337506 "Error initializing Opera: module 10" when upgrading

DSK-330317 Extensions in developer mode do not add injected javascript on secure pages

DSK-313764 Speed Dial URLs are added to address bar drop-down

DSK-341277 Plugged accessibility and kiosk leak

DSK-338129 Custom title not synchronized over link

DSK-321669 Error 404 displayed if enabling unite Home service by clicking start button from panel

DSK-341595 Linux: Tab buttons styling fix for some themes under GTK

DSK-321361 Linux: Comboboxes lack pressed styling

Download & Blog

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Marshall    15,354

Network latency improvements, Microdata and QRESYNC

In this snapshot we have numerous Core updates and fixes, plus some very interesting mail work. I'd advise you to look through the changelog, though highlights include HTML5 Microdata work and network latency improvements on the Core side, and new QRESYNC support for Opera's mail client, M2.

For those not familiar, QRESYNC is an IMAP extension that enables you to synchronize message metadata using much less overhead. It allows clients to request all changes since the last time they were connected, instead of having to check each message for changes. Not all IMAP servers support it, but Opera's Fastmail and My Opera Mail of course lead the way. This change should be particularly welcome for users on capped or slow connections.

One small extra point with regards to the Core network latency fixes, just to avoid confusion. You will not see any real difference testing against popular benchmarks (which focus on rendering and JavaScript performance); this kind of work is more likely to have an impact on regular "day to day" browsing. However, it can result in pages loading in half the time! You are most likely to see a difference if you have a poor network connection and others may notice improved performance when connecting to a webserver hosted on another continent.

Download & Blog

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Marshall    15,354

Lion Full Screen and further skin refinements

Hello, hope you are all having a good Summer/Winter depending of hemisphere of choice.

For our Mac users, we have added support for new Lion?s full screen mode. It is triggered using the standard Command?Control?F shortcut. The old shortcut Command?Shift?F will trigger presentation mode (the old full screen).

In addition we have prettified the skin, and a couple of bugfixes, including the very frequently reported crash in the save dialog.

Anyway, I'm off to GenCon. Who else is heading to Indianapolis?

Known issues

Profiles that have mail servers with invalid certificates will crash on start-up

Download & Blog

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Marshall    15,354

Certificate Unbroken

Daniel was tired of having his face in the public all the time, so he asked me to put forth my face here instead. So here it is, another snapshot! Highlight of the week is that we fixed the crash when using mail accounts with certificate problems.

12.00 pre-alpha Build: 1047

Download & Blog

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Marshall    15,354

Opera 11.51 (Swordfish) Release Candidate 1

Whilst we continue work towards Opera 12.00 (Wahoo), there are some important bugs we need to fix in the 11.50 (Swordfish) line. Hence there will be an 11.51 maintenance/stability release between 11.50 and 12.00. Here is the first release candidate for 11.51.

We won't be releasing "Opera Next" packages of this build as it is an update to the stable browser and should not be installed over Opera Next Wahoo packages, since that would effectively be a downgrade (which is never supported).

Try this out as an improved stable Opera, whilst you continue to test our latest features and improvements in the continuing Wahoo Opera Next snapshot series!

Blog & Download

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+Frank B.    7,104

Opera 12.00 'Wahoo' build 1054

New Wahoo 12.00 build with rendering and Speed Dial improvements

After a successful 11.51 release we are now back on track and working towards 12.00 (Wahoo).

Some core highlights include implementation of fully CSS 2.1 compliant display:list-item and a fix to prevent the cache from growing past its allowed limit.

Regarding that last point, if the fix works as expected, Opera should not go past the cache size. And, after a crash, it should restore to the correct size. If you can check the cache size after a crash, and also after correctly closing Opera following a crash, that would be much appreciated.

On the Desktop side we have made the animations much nicer when you move Speed Dials around.

Of course there are plenty of other great fixes, so scroll down and have a look!

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.

Source/full change log: Opera Desktop Team blog


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wellofsouls    13

Full ECMAScript (JavaScript) 5.1 support

By Haavard(haavard). Tuesday, September 13, 2011 3:00:00 PM

This build adds full support for the ECMAScript (JavaScript) 5.1 specification.

At time of writing the test262 test suite is reporting one error from a total of 10927 tests on the Windows and Mac platforms. As a comparison, Opera 11.51 on Windows has 3865 failures. See the known issues below for information on Linux.

Keep in mind that the test262 test suite is undergoing active development and far from complete. Even a perfect score in the current version of the test suite does not guarantee perfect ES 5.1 conformance. Results may also vary depending on when the test was run, as tests could be added, removed, fixed or otherwise altered at any time. Case in point: The only test that fails in this snapshot, S11.1.1_A2, is invalid.

That leaves Opera with a "perfect score" on Windows, Mac and 64-bit Linux in the current test262, while still keeping the unstable nature of the test suite in mind.

In addition to full ES 5.1 support, we have added a native implementation of ECMAScript typed arrays. This offers increased performance when dealing with things like binary data, and will be noticeable when, for example, using emulators or playing games using Canvas.

This build also adds support for <video muted> to mute HTML5 videos by default, and Linux users can enjoy GTK+3 support which means that Opera looks native again on Gnome 3 based systems (like Fedora).


CORE-28638 Implement full support for new ECMAScript 5 features

CORE-38784 Native implementation of ECMAScript typed arrays for increased performance

CORE-40275 Implement <video muted>

DSK-343260 Support GTK+3 on Linux

CORE-33418 Update to the Unicode 6.0.0 specification

Known issues

Two valid tests in the test262 test suite fail on 32-bit Linux (works on 64-bit systems)





Now this is something (Y) (Y) (Y)

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Quillz    883

Are these 12.x builds automatically updating like the dev builds of Chrome?

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ncc50446    71

Are these 12.x builds automatically updating like the dev builds of Chrome?

Yupe, they do :) Usually takes a couple days, but they do

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