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Initial Opera developer 46 release

46.0.2556.0 – 2017-04-07

  • CHR-2879 Bookmarks sync using Chromium sync protocol.
  • CHR-3892 Account for page zoom factor in asynchronous dictionary lookup
  • DNA-58636 Check failed: settings_->install_folder().value() != fallback_install_folder.value()
  • DNA-59611 [Mac] Extensions on toolbar in pop-ups
  • DNA-59613 Sidebar tooltip displayed too long ☣
  • DNA-59672 [Linux] Package Opera tar and deb archives
  • DNA-60083 [Mac] Download progress indicator should be blue
  • DNA-60094 Crash on startup at LoginHandler::LoginDialogCallback(GURL const&, net::AuthChallengeInfo*, LoginHandler*, bool)
  • DNA-60112 Sidebar tooltip displaced after scrolling ☣
  • DNA-60119 Refactor PersonaPathRequest and PersonaSource classes WP1
  • DNA-60279 [Reborn] ‘Unpin sidebar’ freezes in private window. ☣
  • DNA-60280 Clean-up the ThemesPrivateAPI
  • DNA-60318 [Installer] Update to O44 Stable keeps “Opera 43” on the Win 10 task bar icon
  • DNA-60387 [Engine] All lists updated after adding another list ☣
  • DNA-60392 It is not possible to set default value for content setting.
  • DNA-60393 [Win7] Extend the grey frame ☣
  • DNA-60406 [Adblocker][Mac]New popup improvements
  • DNA-60409 Attempt a few copy retries for files
  • DNA-60412 Mac: Krebs Menu has wrong onClick color
  • DNA-60415 Sidebar items’ tooltips do not show when the panel is expanded ☣
  • DNA-60418 [Mac][10.9] Wrong sidebar color and close tab not visible ☣
  • DNA-60422 Heart icon should be centered
  • DNA-60427 [Adblocker] If a regional list is marked as default, default only for region ☣
  • DNA-60432 [Mac] Missing borders in TabBar ☣
  • DNA-60433 [Adblocker][Mac] New popup shows total ads blocked instead of ads blocked in the site
  • DNA-60434 Add stats for copy file retries
  • DNA-60437 Enable #adblocker-split-rules on all streams
  • DNA-60439 [Win] Tooltips of sidebar buttons stay active while scrolling
  • DNA-60447 Missing cam/mic usage notification for messengers in panels
  • DNA-60456 Log file clashes when launching consecutive installer instances rapidly
  • DNA-60460 [Win] Files in installation folder not removed during unistallation
  • DNA-60485 Add MiniDumpWithUnloadedModules flag for minidump generation
  • DNA-60488 Build error on a Mac after intake
  • DNA-60491 stack-use-after-scope in suggestions code
  • DNA-60501 [Plugins] Redirect requests for opera://plugins to opera://settings?section=plugins
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