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Steven P.

F.Y.I this is what happened to the forums today

    General Discussion
    Sub forums: Real World Issues| The Poll Station | The Traders
    Gamers Hangout
    Console, Emulation, and PC related Games discussion
    Jokes & Funny Stuff
    Post only funny stuff in here, ok?
    The Media Room
    Talk about Art, Music and Movies - its all things Media without the Medium.
    General Discussion
    If it don't fit anywhere else it belongs here
    The Media Room
    Sub Forums: Gamers Lounge | Jokes & Funny Stuff
    The Lounge
    Sub Forums: Babes Lounge | Poll Station | Real World Debate

We now have 3 parent forums in General Stuff instead of 4 and we have combined the forums to better fit the theme.

General now has no sub-forums and serves as the "Anything" forum. All the "Traders" posts were moved into there and as it stands can stay that way because Traders didn't really warrant its own forum.

Media is more Jokes and Gamers discussion alongside the already present Media scene discussions, again these fit well

The Lounge was renamed from its original The Human .......... idea, I had planned to make it:

The Human Being

> The Human Body

> The Human Debate (instead of Real World Issues)

but the mods jumped in and saved the day, killing that idea :cheeky:

as you can see people related discussion is moved into there, with the return of the Babes forum, Poll station and Real World Debate as subs of The Lounge. - Enjoy

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You may want to change the description of general as it does not fit proper grammar :rolleyes: :s :cheeky:

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Nice work. :)

Looks more organized now. :)

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not that I am not happy to why Babe Forum is back... but the question is, how come it's ok now?

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That's just what I was thinking. Didn't Neobond say it would never return because this is a family site....

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Steven P.

never say never again

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Never :p (get rid of the babes forum ever agian)

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