2co email.. is this a scam?


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today i got this email in my "general inquiries" box for a small hosting company i run..

From: Ron Sebree [mailto:*******@2co.com]

Sent: Thu 7/6/2006 12:37 PM

To: inquiries@swifthost.net

Subject: *****


It is extremely important that you contact me at 1-877-294-0273 ext *** or

at ******@2co.com concerning your 2checkout.com vendor account.


Ronald H. Sebree

Senior Collections Analyst

2Checkout.com, Inc.

the ***'s show my account number and his email and extension...

i was a little shocked to see this since I have NEVER even used 2co before, either to buy stuff or sell stuff, never ever had an account there, let alone use my general inquiries box to sign up for anything.

so this is my reply..

From: Bruce Beh [mailto:brucebeh@swifthost.net]

Sent: Friday, July 07, 2006 3:01 PM

To: ******@2co.com

Subject: RE: 80832

Hello Ron,

We do not currently have a 2checkout account or any other credit card

processors at the moment except for paypal.

Is there a misunderstanding?

Best Regards,

Bruce Beh


and this is his reply...

Dear Bruce:

Before I get to my main point, I must tell you 2checkout.com is not a credit

card processor and unless requested closed in writing 2checkout accounts

never close. Account ***** opened 7/14/2003 and currently has a negative

balance of $213.43.

I am willing to work with you to get this account back on track so that you

can make more money with us. You may resolve your account's negative

balance by paying via money order or cashier's check drawn in US Dollars,

made payable to 2Checkout.com, Inc., and sent to the following address.

Make sure that your vendor number is on the instrument to insure the proper

account is credited.

2Checkout.com, Inc.

1785 O'Brien Road

Columbus, Ohio 43228

Attn: Collections

If you have any other questions you may contact me at 1-877-294-0273 ext ***

or by e-mail at *******@2co.com. Otherwise, I will be expecting your

payment within seven days from today.


Ronald H. Sebree

Ronald H. Sebree

Senior Collections Analyst

2Checkout.com, Inc.

and this is my reply...

Is there an invoice or receipt or anything?

As far as I know, the website 2checkout.com is a merchant account and has a one time $49 setup fee then a fee for each transaction, there are NO fees per month or anything.

Since we don't have an account at 2checkout, how can we use any services that you offer and also put a negative charge on the account? i have never ordered anything using any 2co services.

can you please verify the full name and address used for the purchase(s)

Best Regards,

Bruce Beh


first of all, the thing that got me is him making me pay so fast and giving me an address and everything to pay to within 7 days.

However, the thing that is confusing me is the email DID come from @2co.com and i DID reply to an email that goes to @2co.com! going to www.2co.com looks (not very legit) but it has links to 2checkout.com (the real site i'd assume) and posted on both sites are the same phone numbers, etc.

so i need some neowin help here, is this a scam email?

i'm going to call when he replies to my email about providing a receipt/invoice

For those of you that have or used 2checkout before, what on earth is it other than a credit card processor? Would they have my name, address and credit card if the account was mine?

Last but not least, if this is a scam, is it safe to just ignore the email?

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I wouldn't ignore the e-mail, but I would definitely get the information you requested. It seems you're going in the right direction. Just use your common sense, but I would see this out till the end.

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looking into it a bit further it looks the company has a fair few problems, try going to


search for 2checkout and check peoples problems

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Don't pay. There is no rush, but scammers try and create the illusion of one.

Find 2co.com independently (through Google or something), and contact them via a different e-mail address listed on their site. Then work from there to verify your current communications.

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