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Wireless setup in my new house



Started looking into a wireless solution for my new house a couple of weeks back.

Now, my PC is currently connected to my ISP via a Cisco 827H ADSL Router (built in 4 port hub) which is wired to my PC.

I'm thinking about purchasing a Linksys WAP54G Access Point to plug into the router via the hub. I have configured the router as a DHCP server to assign the Access Point an IP address (small pool of addresses)

*Note* I've already run my girlfriends laptop and my Xbox 360 off the router (wired) to confirm DHCP is functioning as it should.

I'm also going to purchase a wireless PCIMCIA card for her Laptop, and a wireless adapter for my 360, both of which will be in separate room's round the house. I also have a laptop, but i seldom use it.

Have I missed anything out? I'm pretty green when it comes to Wireless, but *think* this should be an effective solution for the house. The router is wired to my PC, with the access point plugged in also.

If there are any better solutions than the Linksys WAP54G, please feel free t suggest them to me :)



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Looks like you got everything figured out. I would give it a green light. (Y)

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