[review] SimpleTech Portable Pininfarina 100GB

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Many solutions have been made to solve these problems everyone is prone to face. RAID1 arrays, web storage, and the most typical way -- backup to an external storage solution. Using external storage solutions is very common for consumers because it's fast, convenient, easily accessible, cost effective, and simple enough for everyone to use. USB thumb drives such as the OCZ Mini-Kart is very small and convenient for storing and carrying small amounts of data -- but we not talking about a couple of gigabytes here. Most of us needs way more than that for backups, and for some of us, convenience of carrying moderately large amounts of data all at once, all the time.


-- Explanation on ratings and more details on my reviews: http://aphnetworks.com/review_focus

Comments, questions, corrections etc please tell me. Give your opinions, tell me where I can improve on! Don't forget to rate this topic appropriately :)


For those who wondering. I dont want to paste the review here on this page because:

- I dont want to change all the HTML/php code or whatever into BBCode

- Formatting issues

- Takes too much time to do all these stuff

- Reuploading all images to imageshack.us with take a long time.

- It is not convenient for me to edit mistakes here and on my site.

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i had no clue what it was before reading the text i thought it was some sort of sega mega drive reincarnation :|

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thats a werid cd

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