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macmax    14

Is it possible to ban a IP when downloading a torrent thru utorrent ?

I am getting lots of Hash fail from certain IP's. Although utorrent does ban them but after restarting of utorrent those IP's are again allowed until they start sending garbage data/hash fail and for utorrent to ban them again.



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brand    0

I think you're misunderstanding that Web UI option. That will only control the Web User Interface of uTorrent.

You'll have to ban by IP some other way... there are firewall programs out there (check out protowall, it's pretty nice) that will do that for you.

What version are you running anyway? I have no WebUI in my utorrent! :)

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HoochieMamma    785

uTorrent bans IP addesses that give a certain amount of hashfails automatically. But use something like Peerguardian 2 and use the standard filters (ie: P2P, Government)

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