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XNJB Fails to Transfer Music

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RD_SG    1


I have the Creative Zen Micro [5GB], and am using XNJB to transfer music. It has been able to transfer before, but sometimes when I select certain songs and transfer them, the artists show up on the Zen, and when I open up the artist, there are no songs and no albums.

How do I fix this? It's worked properly before, but now it just doesn't seem to be working for certain songs.


- dr. azo

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dragon2611    13

No idea, which firmware do you have on your zen micro the normall or the plays for sure firmware.

do you have the latest version of xnjb?

seems to work ok with my zen micro 5gb as far as ive noticed (haven't downloaded anything to it lately though, but mine has plays for sure firmware)



if it still doesn't work contact the developer either though his email or though his forum, might be a bug!

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