Fastest You've ever been in your car?


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271kmh (checked using GPS) on my old modded Subaru Impreza (1998)

190kmh on my diesel Toyota Landcruiser (1997)

311kmh (checked with GPS) with a Honda 1100XX Blackbird (yeah I know... it?s a bike)

239kmh (checked with GPS) on my old Toyota MR-Spyder (2001)

204kmh (checked with GPS) on a Peugeot 106 XT 1.4 (this was amazing, a Celica was used to slipstream the Pug)

P.s.- I know that I have a photo of the scooby hitting 271kmh (on the speedo it indicated well over the max marked 260) but I have to find it.

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Man, there are some really crazy people here. :D

220km/h on LS400

I was driving down a highway in Malaysia at forementioned speed, when a truck driving on the opposite lane flashed his lights.

I slowed down quickly thinking maybe I left the trunk open or something.

Thats when I saw a cop with a speed gun.

I would probably never meet the truck driver, but I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

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