Crocodile Man Steve Irwin dead


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At least he died doing what he enjoyed. It was really just a matter of time.

Amen, one of the best ways to go, being loving your life and doing what you love. :)

R.I.P. Steve, God Bless. :yes:

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At least he passed on by doing what he loved. I bet his family is thinking the same. I just heard the news. My whole family loved him. He was a good man. Best wishes to his family. RIP Steve.

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I edited the article heavily to remove unnecessary portions..... See the source for the full thing.

Steve Irwin's freak death filmed

Ian Gerard and Tony Koch September 05, 2006

Irwin, 44, was killed almost instantly when the stingray stabbed him in the heart with its poisonous 20cm barb as he snorkelled off Port Douglas, in north Queensland, yesterday morning.

"The footage shows him swimming in the water, the ray stopped and turned and that was it," said boatowner Peter West, who viewed the footage afterwards.

"There was no blood in the water, it was not that obvious ... something happened with this animal that made it rear and he was at the wrong position at the wrong time and if it hit him anywhere else we would not be talking about a fatality."

Footage of the attack shows Irwin swimming above a 2.5m stingray before it turns on him and sends a poisonous barb through his heart.

Producer, director and life-long friend John Stainton yesterday said Irwin did not provoke the stingray and was simply swimming above it when he was attacked.

"He came over the top of a stingray and the stingray barb went up and into his chest and into his heart," Stainton said.

"It's likely that he possibly died instantly when the barb hit him, and I hope he felt no pain."

One of Irwin's contemporaries, internationally known cameraman and spearfisherman Ben Cropp, was in his own boat off Port Douglas when Irwin was killed.

"I have just spoken to a cameraman friend who was there and has seen the footage," Mr Cropp told The Australian last night.

"He was up in the shallow water, probably 1.5m to 2m deep, following a bull ray which was about a metre across the body - probably weighing about 100kg, and it had quite a large spine.

"The cameraman was filming in the water."

Mr Cropp said the stingray was spooked and went into defensive mood. "It probably felt threatened because Steve was alongside and there was the cameraman ahead, and it felt there was danger and it baulked. It stopped and went into a defensive mode and swung its tail with the spike. Steve unfortunately was in a bad position and copped it. I have had that happen to me, and I can visualise it - when a ray goes into defensive, you get out of the way. Steve was so close he could not get away, so if you can imagine it - being right beside the ray and it swinging its spine upwards from underneath Steve - and it hit him. "I have seen that sort of reaction with rays - with their tail breaking the water, such is the force." Internationally renowned jellyfish sting expert Jamie Seymour was on board Irwin's boat at the time.

"Surf Lifesavers national marine stinger adviser Lisa-Ann Gershwin said there had only been 17 fatal stingray attacks worldwide."

"Mr West said the barb was like a "very rough knife" and while fatal stingray stings had been known to occur, filming and swimming alongside the animal was commonplace among marine filmmakers."

"The rays in Australia and particularly in the north are not like those on the Cayman Islands, which are very quiet and allow people to ride on their backs," he said.

"At this time of the year they are on the lookout for tiger sharks and are very frisky."


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:cry: :no: :cry: :no:

That is so ****ing sad. From all the people this could happen, why him....... Australian legend, loved his job more than anyone else loving their job.

I thought he would outlive the 90 yr old barier because he knew nature on the tip of his fingertips and probably was in very good health and thus would retire peacefully.

Well, Rest in Peace Steve Irwin. You were one and for many still are and will be one of a kind.

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Bloody hell, that sucks. :cry:

R.I.P Steve-O. My family got much entertainment from his shows. Especially the episode where he's messing with the spitting cobras in Africa....

Bummer. He'll be sorely missed.

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I think he'd be flattered at the sheer amount of shock and sorrow being expressed across the internet. Virtually every forum I have been on has a disproportionately large thread discussing this and how much it has shocked so many of them!

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