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TKC, I used classic start menu then used a program called Tuneup 2006 which has icon editing features. I just changed the icons for the start menu really simple.

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Great d-tops everyone!

Here's my XP desk this month, using LE5, CD art display RC5 and playing in WMP11 is Guns N' Roses with Nightrain from Rock AM Ring this year (Awesome performance BTW, get the video here)


Full view

nice desk Andy :yes:

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My first desk for this month :)

Ppl seems a little upset around here.Thats why i just post the direct link :



Where did you get that clist_modern theme from? Not that I'm interested in that particular theme, but I just see so many ieview and clist themes that simply aren't available on miranda's site or devart.

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VS : Klarheit

Icones : Tango

Software : Foobar - Miranda - Y'z Dock

Wallpaper : First Of Its Kind Bluesky

See the Tango Icons is that just a patch you run and the icons are applyed, do you then get to change them, cause I seen loads of people with TANGO icons and there all differant

How do you work them? :huh:


Delta + David Lanham Wall

Love it :D !

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