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I've finally found a (reasonably ;)) mature audience to voice myself (Thank Neobond!)

Okay, first off, I play violent video games, and non-violent games. Personally I prefer non, like the Sim and Tycoon games.

Games like Duke Nukem, Doom, GTA#/VC are violent in their own ways. Each one at the time was met with paranoid people. All whining "Too violent! Teach kids to kill!"

I say bull.

They don't "teach" anything. The only reason that they are blamed are because of the few players that CAN NOT tell the difference between reality and a game, a simple GAME.

I say don't pull the games off the shelves for those who know this rather HUGE line. If the person (usually a kid) can't tell the difference, 3 things need to be done.

Make sure they can't get the game too easily (Request ID in retail stores). It's okay if the parent is present AND told of the content.

The second, teach the person the difference, usually the parent can do this by just being there and teaching between good and bad. It's very simple, saying Hi to your teacher, good, picking people off in the street, VERY bad.

If the kid can't learn the difference, it's possible they need a therapist(but not in all cases).

The third and final reason, let parents know what's in these games and that they are out there, maybe a site that UNBIASEDLY lists games, their content, and whether they should make sure to look out for it. (Like my brother in law REFUSES to let his son even watch Vice City, because he knows what's in it)

Now the funny thing about Vice City is, killing for fun to me, is dumb in that game. With such an incredible engine in the game, I'd much rather drive around and watch an almost "alive" city with the AI it has.

So to those who say the game is bad, I say phoo on you. It's society and paranoid parents.

If you wanna flame me, PLEASE do it in PM.

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