'Gas guzzlers' face parking hike

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100% hit the nail on the head.

If you are in an area where it would be considered a status symbol - it's possibly true that the driver is a twunt. Because where I live everyone has them, it's no longer a status symbol - it's the norm, so nobody is proving anything by having one!

Im hoping its a phase and people will "grow out of it". Its typical (i hate this word...) suburbia, 30 something with 1 kid, husband has a executive car (3 series, A4 etc) wife has a 4x4 to take the kids to school and then go to the gym.

Although, some roads around here you do need a 4x4 there so badly damaged. Suppose the 4x4's havnt helped that either :rolleyes:

I think this is a good thing, but there should be allowances for people who need them for work or for any other valid reason. I hate seeing people driving one kid to school every day in a huge 4X4 or going for a couple of bags of shopping - pollution that could be avoided.

All types of pollution, noise, visual AND environmental.

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Stonkwell Bogtrotter

Hold on a mo. All you people saying "yay good on the council"...this extra charge is for residents who have a residents permit and already pay. The council want to charge them if they have a bigger so called "gas guzzler" using the enviromental excuse.

Um.....I hate to point out the friking obvious here.....WHEN THE CAR IS PARKED UP IT AINT GAZ GUZZLING AT ALL!!!! So it aint guzzling or polluting anything!

When are they going to learn? Car drivers already pay more if they are "gas guzzlers".

Bigger engine = more fuel = more VAT + fuel duty

Bigger engine = more road fund licence.

As if that's not enough already. Now they want to steal money when the car isn't even polluiting!!!

This is just another looney stealth tax attatcking the motorist yet again! All of these cars are passed by Government and EU guidelines on emission. It's called an M.O.T. You don't get on the road if it aint got one of those!

We all know the councils will simply fritter away the moeny rasied and will not spend it on so called "green issues".

Stealth tax abounds. This is simply legalised THEFT of hard working peoples money.

All these so called green issues are simply cash cows for local councils and Governments.

Look at the air tax they bought in years ago. Is that helping? No. It's simply being filtered off somewhere else and air traffic is even more now than when it was introduced and isn't doing one bit to help with the enviroment.

Oh yes. No, I do not own a 4x4.

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You have to pay to park outside of your home?

Yeah people in some areas pay.

Even though they have paid their road taxes already.

I would have thought the government would already make more money on the taxes of so called gas/petrol guzzling vehicles.

Britain is a dictatorship not a democracy.

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You have to pay to park outside of your home?

More to the point, why would you want to park outside your own home? :blink:

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+Dick Montage

Not all houses in the UK have a driveway.

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