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OS: Windows XP Professional SP2

Theme: Royale Noir

Wallpaper: One of the Vista RTM walls (Don't know the exact name)

Tools: 5744 Vista Sidebar on Windows XP using VAIO

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Wanted to add that I know the wallpaper I use is Aurora, but others call it Vista Energy and that's why I said I didn't know the EXACT name of it. I'll stick to calling it Aurora though. Vista Energy doesn't really fit the image IMHO.

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It's been a while since I posted my desktop.

Visual style: HmmXP-Tempura by hsn

Firefox theme: gnome by sooperdoode, modded a bit.

Wallpaper taken somewhere from the web, also modded slightly.

Yah know....if your gonna post a NSFW, you might want to link TO the image not HOT LINK it. Some of us do browse this thread at work. Kinda defeats the purpose if you put a NSFW disclaimer AND include the image in your post.

Thanks for your consideration in the future.


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