liteon DD-A110


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picked one of these up for ?68 from my local tescos

Box says dvd +/- R and +/- RW support

Quickstart leaflet shows dvd+R9 support (dual layer) but then a * and certian models only.

I know the DD-A100 supports DL recording but i cant seem to find if the 110 does, does anyone have one thats tryed it does it record on dual layer discs?

MPEG4 dixx playback is supported also :))

So far seems quite good so not to bothered if it doesn't do dual layer discs but it would be nice to know for sure probably doesnt as it just says +/- on box.

Cant check manuall cus it directs you to download the DD-a100 manual which just says the same thing as the quickstart leaflet :rolleyes::

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