Antivirus for Vista

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anyone even heard of deepfreeze? try it its great!! IDK if it works on vista though

Why use deepfreeze? That program is meant to prevent changes to the OS....such as a group policy editor does. So that if you install something or make an os change you just reboot and it goes back to how the os was set to.

It isn't a A/V program. I don't believe it protects against boot sector viruses, spyware, etc.. It also isn't a firewall.

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I wonder if it works on Vista!!!

BTW, prevents against need to install something just enter pw, install, reboot and your good!!

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I'm liking the anti-virus capabilities of Windows Live OneCare.

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I use Nod32 v3, it rocks, low resources and very easy updating...

I've never had a virus on any of my pc's but I do download about 300GB/month so figured I could get something to protect me in case, kinda like insurance...

I used Kaspersky for XP back in the day...

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