Do You Still Use Windows 9x?


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I have an older system (P200Mhz, 2GB HD, 98MB RAM) running Win98SE. Most of the programs my step-daughter uses (Barbie, Grandma and Me.. stuff like that) doesn't run very well under XP. Plus she uses it to surf the net and chat to her friends. It's powerful enough to do what she needs to do.

For what the system does, it will stay on for weeks straight with no reboots or problems. One time I had the system on for about a month and a half before the power in my apartment building went out. :crazy:

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Let me correct that last post.

Windows 95........junk.

Windows 98/se......Half Akole at best. (Akolea=ass)

Windows Me.........Whole Akole. (Akole still =ass)

Windows NT.........Same as above.

Windows 2000 Professional.......Decent Os finally.

Windows XP.......The best OS.....Hard to beat for now.


NT4 was a great OS and still is used a lot. I work with it a lot at work and although its getting on a bit now its far more stable than any 9x OS and far more secure.

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I have to run Win98 to get some of my games to work, so I still keep a copy of it on my HD and dual-boot (multi-boot, more correctly). But I've only installed a bare-bones system, stripped it with 98lite, and installed only drivers for the devices I need to play the games (audio, video, controllers).

I also keep an older computer around, running Win95 so as to cater for some really old games and programs.

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