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Neowin Site Changes (copy)

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Steven P.    14,607

After talking it over with the other admins we have decided to lax the restriction on advertising personal websites in sig's. Members may now advertise their tech-related communities in a non-intrusive way in the Sig space.

Members may also post a notice about their personal site in Web Designers Corner again in a non intrusive way.

Non intrusive means: You may not post un/capitalized messages that resemble phrases like "JOIN US NOW!!!!" Try not to insult the intelligence of the community and allow the member to decide how s/he follows links.

The staff and admins on Neowin have spent an immense amount of time making sure Neowin does not become spam fest in the way we deliver ads/sponsor messages, this extends too the messages being posted on Neowin.

Another change will be the babes forum again yes sorry, it was met with fierce resistance, most of the mods and some of the admins were opposed to the decision to re-implement the babes forum. They think that the babes forum only serves as a haven for kids how want to see a bit of flesh. Adults know full well where they can get that and it's not at Neowin. I am in agreement now. Real World and Polls forum will be moved into General discussion. The Lounge will cease to exist and the Jokes Forum will become a top level forum again. - We understand that a group will be opposed to this, we ask you to look at this decision in a broader sense than your own. Google is good for the images that are posted in Babes forum and possibly a whole lot faster.

We understand that Neowin is a large community and that we can't possibly make everyone happy no matter how hard we try. We intend to continue listening to our best judgment on how Neowin is presented, personal issues with the site can be taken up as always via PM or email to any of the staff on the Forum Leaders page.

As always we :wub: you all for supporting us, we're sorry for the slowdowns recently but I can assure you that IPS hosting are well aware of it and have logs in place to track why the slow-downs occur.

This topic is closed but you can leave an opinion on the original opened copy here: http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?act=...&f=7&t=51571&s=

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