ATSC Tuner - Which one?


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Hey guys and girls... i'm the lucky new owner of a Sony KP57WS520 (57" Rear Projection TV) and it's great and all that with my Xbox 360. It doesn't of-course has a QAM or ATSC tuner built in so now i'll have to get an OTA tuner and antenna to get HD. I could go with my cable company but nothing beats free. Getting ESPN HD and a few others i'll just have to miss out on.

The TV has HDMI so i'm looking for one that has HDMI out (or should i use that for the movies instead?) Anyone wants to recommend one? It would be even sweeter if it had a hard disk built in to record the shows :) My cable box had a 200GB drive (i think) and was even upgradable (Scientifi Atlanta 8300) with an eSATA drive.

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