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Vista Validation Update

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Pingachevsky    0
It's not a hole, it's deliberate. It will automatically update windows genuine advantage notifications too. But even if it didn't, the reasoning is that most zombies out there (PC's that get taken over by viruses and used in spam attacks and such) are caused by unpatched problems. So by allowing critical updates only, the pirate PC's wont add to the misery of legit users.

Allow me to rephrase. >_>

I hope that I can expect glaring holes in product license security like that to be fixed in Vista?

Also, genuine validation was installed before I pulled that little stunt.

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Kushan    27

It probably will be. Remember, WGA was tagged onto XP afterwards, it's now built into Vista. You can bet there's a lot more ways for Microsoft to detect a pirated copy now.

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