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Wireless Network XP woes PLEASE Help :)



Ok this is a very weird problem I am having. First of all let me start off by saying that when my labtop had windows 2000 installed and my pc had xp installed everything worked fine no probs whatsoever....I installed xp on my labtop and then the problems started. I am using a D-Link 713p router/wireless network. Now the problem that is that whenever the labtop is booted it will stay connected for lets say 30-45mins(it varies) then it will loose its connection and say Wireless internet unavailable or something to that effect. I will then have to reboot the labtop...or wait... which almost never works or reboot the router which always works but it can get annoying!.... I am guessing its a setting issue I hope someone out there can help me please post whatever U can thanx ;)

btw: Sorry admin for posting another thread in the Windows XP discuccion forum...I posted it on this forum since it is geared towards the subject matter in question....hehe

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