Question About What I Need For A New Laptop?

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I will starting a new job the beginning of the year selling insurance. I will need a laptop so I can go into customer's homes and do presentations and take down information.

First Q, is integrated graphics sufficient?

I will play some games, but nothing graphics intensive. Mostly this game, Kyodai Mahjonng

Will surf the internet on my off-time and mess around as this will my personally owned laptop, but it's main purpose is work.


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Personally I would never buy integrated graphics because it shares of system memory, and you never know, you might suddenly want to play some games one day for casual purposes. You can't upgrade laptop graphics, so you'll be stuck with it the rest of your laptop life.

With dual core laptops at really low prices, it's probably not a bad choice to pick up a Core Duo or a Turion 64 X2, whatever you think it's better for your money. Personally I have a Core 2 Duo laptop which is very high performing, but depending on what you do, you might not need it. If you can find one at a good price, it's the best mobile processor money can buy (Especially the T7xxx series).

Lots of RAM is a good idea. 2GB for the win, I am upgrading mine soon. 1GB should be good for XP though.

Also never ever ever get 17" laptops, that's my preference. They are huge and mostly heavy. 12" etc are nice, but expensive and crappy graphics. 15.4" is the best screen size for price, weight and... size, features, and if you can get one at 1440x900, it's a nice resolution for 15.4" and not too expensive. 15.4 @ 1680x1050 is too small and expensive IMO.

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Jordan Green

Ye i bought a 17" Widescreen Laptop and my god its huge and heavy i would suggest 15" as its just a great nice portable size :)

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