[NFL] L.T. is the MVP

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Anyone surprised? Not me. The guy broke 4 major records this year, he just destroyed defenses. His numbers could?ve been even more impressive is his coach would?ve decided to use him in the last game. He got 44 of 50 possible votes by the AP. He completed what might be the best season by a RB ever (I choose his 31 TD?s + 2 TDs by passing over any 2000 yards season).

Congratulations for a well deserved award.

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Major records broke by Tomlinson this season:

Most TDs in a season (31)

Most rushing TDs in a season (28)

Most consecutive games with multiple touchdowns (8)

Most consecutive games with at least one TD (18)

Most scored points (186)

Fastest player to reach the 9000 yards

Fastest player to reach 100 touchdowns

One of four players in history to average one touchdown per game in his career

His 6 career touchdown passes ties him for second-most TD passes by a non-quarterback in NFL history

Please, someone, tell me this is not the best season by a RB ever

BTW. Is there a record for number of records broke in a season? That should be funny.

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LT is deserving of this honor! Congrats to em! I'm thinking he will be the one to break Emmitt's record down the road. And I can't think of anyone else I'd like to see do it. Wishing you luck LT!

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Yeah, im from san diego, and seriously everyone is so happy that we have a good chance at the super bowl. Chargers never won the super bowl yet.

LT's record is very impressive, and it's fun to watch him run the ball for a touchdown.

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