Semester Exchange (from Australia)

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Thought I might ask here as I've already spent ages stressing over making a decision (which needs to be made by Monday).

I've got a chance to go to either San Diego (SDSU) or Linkoping (Sweden) for a semester exchange at Uni but am having trouble deciding.

Can anyone share any experiences of San Diego the city, or anything about Sweden?

In particular, stuff like the people, the environment, safety, costs etc.

I've thought both through pretty thoroughly but am still having trouble deciding, and there's not a whole lot of information on the web apart from the usual touristy crap (anyone got some real photos of these places?)

Wouldn't mind hearing about people's travels/extended stays in either of these countries and predict this will turn into another one of those travel the world threads :p

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Well I lived in San Diego for about 4 years while in the military and I loved the city. The people were friendly and kind of laid back more so than any other large city I have been to. There is a large Hispanic community there as you can imagine being right on the border. There is also a sizable Filipino community. The environment is nothing short of gorgeous. It tends to be hot, but never humid. It rarely rained. If you get tired of the surf and the sun, the mountains are 2 hours away. My friend used to say he could snow board in the morning and still hit the afternoon surf set. As far as safety I never had a problem there, but to be sure there are bad areas of the city you should defiantly avoid. Costs tend to be high for some stuff, notably rent, cars, gas. What I found to be cheap out there was entertainment. This was several years ago (96-2000) so I'm sure stuff has changed. If you have any other questions I'll try to answer them.

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