!@#$@#$ cdrom @#$%^& account#@$#@ crap

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hey all,

wierd one here. If i log in as administrator or into my gf's account, everything is sweet as, can install games, apps whatever from cd, even browse...the reason im making this sound like such a wonderful thing...is because i cant access the bloody cdrom at all in my account, it keeps telling me that the device is not ready....

i run litestep in xp and it definately not that because if i change the shell back to explorer it does the same thing...i really dont wanna have to create myself a new account and get everything up and running again, coz its such a mission and all that...so thats my last resort..


i do have admin rights

i even checked my startup , nothing is loading that would cause me to not be able to access it.

all i have loading is , Systray, em_exec(logitech mouseware) and nvtweak

thats it

i've removed the dvdrom, installed it again, tried a 52x cdrom , a cd writer... same kak

the only thing i can think it maybe was , is when i installed nero 5, to write some cd's using my works cdrom...but i cant say for sure coz i didnt check for a couple of days after using nero, and uninstalling it...i've used regcleaner to remove any traces of nero i can find, but still no luck... :/

what is wierd tho is that if i put in a cd that starts automatically , it works, its just browsing cd's that wont work. so setups that start by themselves, dvd's etc work, but yeah, i cant browse a cd ..whats also wierd is i can check the properties of a cd fine too....

i'll keep trying differant things..

oh yeah and disk admin sez the device is there and working fine


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Its not too much of a pain to re-create your account. All the little tweaks to settings I'm sure you can do quickly since you've done it already. As for shortcuts, just move any start menu/desktop shortcuts to All Users and then you'll see them right away after re-creation.

dunno how else to help ya

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this sounds like a problem that i had a while back. All my CD drive just disappeared. Had to fresh install the damn WinXP again.:disappoin I found out there is a possible culprit. Did you install CloneCD and may be reinstall it? CloneCD just came out with a new version that fixed this problem. I'm only guessing but this might be a problem. I'm really cautious about installing programs now unless it says that it is WinXP compatible. Hope this helps

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