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Paid graphics requests are no longer allowed here

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Fred Derf    212
Hi guys,

You may have noticed that we've renamed the Web & Graphic Designers Corner and Web Programming forums.

The original idea was that HTML and CSS related threads should be in Web Programming, but since these are more related to presentation and design, we had some people putting them in Web&Graphics and some in Web Programming. To clarify, we've renamed them.

Web Frontend (Graphics and Design)

Used for showing off your graphics, and requesting help with HTML and CSS implementations, XHTML validation etc.

Web Backend (Scripting and Programming)

Used for server-side scripting threads less related to the visual design - ASP, PHP, XML and the like.

Thanks for your cooperation.

In addition to the above changes, we now have a new forum to work with. At the moment it is called Grafix Exchange but that may very well change.

The concept is that it will be a paid graphic design request area where members will be recommended to use the Buyer and Seller feedback forum to describe the ease of your transaction.

From this point forward, no paid requests will be tolerated in the Web Frontend forum.

If any paid requests were ever placed in Web Backend then they probably should be placed in the new forum as well (even though the current name isn't a great match).

To find the new forum go here:

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