Strange DVD player error

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Angel Blue01

My mom was watching a DVD that had given us problems when first trying to read it.

The DVD is "There's Something About Mary" which we had gotten from the library. It was fairly scratched.

Then part of the way through the movie she got the error message in the image attached to the post. Its the first time I've ever seen a DVD player bluescreen of death ;)

The player did not respond to any buttons. Even the open/close button did not respond. I turned it off and it was fine.

She tried the movie on another DVD player (a Toshiba) and it played fine.

Our DVD player is a Samsung R135. Its just 3 months old and had been fine playing discs so far.

I've had trouble with scratched discs before but they've always had stuck frames and things like that that could be skipped past.

Does anyone have any idea what the error means and what caused it?

I took another picture of the error.

I'm not sure if its any clearer.



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If was a new disk, i be concerned, but since it is a fairly scratched disk, then more then likely the disk is the fault.

As far as the toshiba being able to read it, its normal.

Some lasers are more sensitive then others.

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