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Wired 802.1x



My college requires the use of 802.1x to connect to the wired network. I've been having no luck getting them to help me with my problems, so hopefully someone else can.

Here's my situation. I have my laptop, and my desktop in my room. I'm allowed to set up a router, but i don't want that, because it'll kill my desktop's ability to broadcast its name. The IP changes more often than I'd like, so I need to be able to get to it by name. I want to plug my laptop into my desktop and my desktop into the ethernet port in the wall. Then, I want my desktop to act as my router for me.

I've tried a number of different setups on the desktop, none have worked. They all fail for one reason or another.

My first attempt was Server 2003. Both Server 2003 and Longhorn Server have the exact same problem. My end goal is to have the desktop sitting without a keyboard/mouse/monitor. While I can turn on the computer with the km&m, and get an IP address. I cannot get an IP address unless I log on locally. If I try to log on via remote desktop with my laptop, I can't get an IP. If I log on via remote desktop after I already have an IP, I lose my IP. I really don't understand why it won't keep me authenticated. I don't understand why logging on remotely would kill it like that.

I tried Linux, too. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I couldn't get it to broadcast my computer's name, and I would rather run Windows server any way.

I loathe this 802.1x crap. Any ideas?


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