Motorsport 2007

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As anyone who knows me knows, I'm a petrolhead. With that in mind I hereby "Pin My Colours" to the mast.

Now first and foremost I am "Tifosi". I have followed the Scuderia for longer than I can remember. Through the dark and dismal times when they won rarely, to the hopefulness of Prost 1990, in the 641 (the most beautiful F1 Ferrari ever) with Senna later admitting he took Prost out in Japan deliberately (Some regard him as a deity but he never drove one of Enzo's finest so to me he is just another driver, only Ferrari peddlers count), through the Berger and Alesi snippets of wins, to the glory years of the Schumacher/Brawn era and beyond.

I don't just follow F1 though, and to be honest my favourite form of motorsport takes place on two wheels (if Ferrari decide to not compete in F1, perish the thought, I'd stop watching it). F1 has become a business and as such has become boring.

MotoGP, 125, 250, WSBK, BSB, WSS et al are much more entertaining, just look at the last few races of last year, they were edge of the seat stuff. Add the fact that Jack Burnacle and Jamie Whitham; Toby Moody and Julian Ryder and Barry Nutley and Jamie Whitham (again) are far superior commentators. They really have a passion for the races, yes the races are exciting, but they have a laugh and I sometime wonder if Jack, Toby and Barry will explode. F1 - James Allen is crap.

Formula 1: Ferrari, don't care if it is Felipe or Kimi as long as a Ferrari wins!

MotoGP: 46 Valentino Rossi - Yamaha M1

250: 34 Andrea Dovizioso - Humangest Honda

125: 38 Bradley Smith - Repsol Honda

World Superbike: 41 Noriyuki Haga - Yamaha R1

World SuperSport: 18 Craig Jones - Rev? Ekerold Honda Racing

All other motorsports 2 wheel or 4 I don't care who wins as long as they are entertaining to watch.

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I got a DVD of the WSBK 2006 season review, cracking stuff almost as good as MotoGP :D

Who i think will win this year;

MotoGP - Rossi

Formula 1 - Raikkonen

WSBK: Bayliss

Dovizioso should be in MotoGP i rate him highly.

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go nicky! i just hope he has a good year. i heard hopkins crashed in testing yesterday, i hope he doesn't miss the start of the season. it's gonna be fun to watch, and with the new 800s, it's anybodys game right now.

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The days of Prost v Senna where legendary, and even though I was to young to even remember most of those fascinating duels, it's amazing to see it on past videos.

I doubt we will see anything quite as special as that again!!

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motogp: Rossi is going to win it. I want nicky too but I don't even think he will be 2nd :(

WSBK: hmm.. Biaggi, Bayliss, I don't know. Biaggi.

Thats all I care about

oh AMA superbike: Spies.

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