Damn! Look at this XBOX graphics

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A hella fast PC (1 ghz plus cpu and 256 plus ram plus GF2/3 graphic card) = No need for Xboxreally :)

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hahahah outlaw golf looks kickass!

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i read that web site and it tells why the gamecube is crapola but doesnt say the xbox is.. i love the xbox and think the games rock. and would buy one over the ps2 for sure. and that is from personal experience. not just pictures and stories

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I'm sorry but some of you really do miss the point,

some people cant afford a PC, so they can spend a 1/4 of the money on a game machine, and get graphics that can now rival a ?1500 computer.

As for the argument that XBOX is better than the Cube, you wrong, they are very close both technically and visually, have you seen rouge squadron running on the cube?

PS Nintendo were waiting until the last minute to see how the development of the XBOX came on, the president even considered scrapping the whole project if the Xbos was seen to be a rival.

Obviously they didnt, and the fact that Nintendo made $100 million doollars in the USA on the day of launch, an completly sold out of hardware, rather proves the point.

Nintendo has always had a reputation for the HIGHEST quality games, gameplay will always beat graphics, finally they have a machine that has the quality graphics they deserve.

and I'm not biased, I've got thousands of pouds of computer equipment, and one of every game console that is current, including a development Xbox and Game cube (I'm a game developer) I've seen them running, there both good, just thant god we dont have to program for the PS2 anymore, now there's a worthless pile of ****e....

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