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Finally it may sink into Audley Harrions bonce, that 'e aint no future eavy weight cham'on'

Since his Olympic Gold winning perfomance at the 2000 Australian Olympics he has gone on about being world heavy weight champion.

Me I think he is only in it for the money, there has been a school of thought that he is 'Ordinary Harrison' & owns a glass jaw.

Wel it's been proved correct as he got knocked out in round 3 by his ex spar 'Michael Sprott'.

Did you miss it? Click here to view.

B.T.W. the knockout happens after 7:49 seconds of the video.

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I seriously lol'd when he was knocked out...I had it on in the background then I heard cheering so thought something was up and literally just burst out laughing...he went down like a sack of s***...he was never a contender imo for any big title...

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