Hi-speed usb problem

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Mouldy Punk    11

Whenever I plug in my Zen Touch it says "This device could perform better if it was plugged into a HI-SPEED USB port" (or something along those lines. When I click on the message so it'll tell me what ports I have that are hi-speed, it says I have none.

Now, I'm assuming by "HI-SPEED" it means USB 2.0 right? So it's a bit odd, that despite all the USB ports (with possible exception of the ones on the front my case) being USB 2.0, it's saying they're not?

In device manager I have;

USB controllers:

-Standard OpenHCD USB host controller

-USB Composite device

-USB Root hub

USB controllers:

-PCI Class USB 2.0 Enhanced Host controller

-USB 2.0 root hub

So it's clearly detecting USB 2.0 ports somewhere, but no matter what port I plug my mp3 player into it says that I should plug it into a "HI-SPEED" port.

I've tried removing all USB related stuff in device manager and rebooting so it'll redetect it. I've tried installing the latest nForce4 drivers and the same thing is happening again. Any ideas on how to fix this?

It always used to work, then when I reformatted & reinstalled everything it broke.


Win XP Home SP2

AMD 64 3700+

2GB Dual Channel RAM

256mb 6800 GS

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