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Take a look at the attached header. I reduced it 50% so it didn't stretch any windows. The example is from Yahoo Hockey but it looks the same in Yahoo Basketball and Yahoo Baseball.

I took a look in IE6 and it looked the same as Firefox. So what's the deal? It is supposed to look that way or what?

There used to be a link back to to make it easy for me to switch sports. That seems to be gone and the layout is off-centre and weird. It's been like this for a while though and I've been expecting them to fix it.


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Nope its fine here in firefox on XP. Did you try clearing your cache?

It happens on different computers and with different browsers. That should deal with any cache issues. But yes, I have cleared the cache.

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Incidentally, they did fix it for Hockey. It's still broken for Basketball and now Baseball too.

I wonder if it has to do with my address...

Update: still broken... (June 1, 2007)

Update2: still broken and I notice that it happens on a TPL library computer running MSIE6 as well. The header is also broken for football.

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