[Review] Samsung Blackjack

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This is just a quick review. I didn't go too in depth.

Yep, I finally got myself a new cell phone after effectively staving off my addiction for over a year. I decided it was time to sign another two year deal with AT&T and used the opportunity to get a nice deal on a Samsung Blackjack.

The Blackjack is a nice phone, that's for sure. First of all, the form factor is amazing. It's just so compact, yet it has all the features one could look for in a PDA style phone. The QWERTY keyboard is a bit cramped, but I adjusted to it in a day and the screen, while smaller than many other PDA's, is absolutely gorgeous, especially when you get a picture on there from the built in 1.3MP phone or any other vibrant JPEG from your collection.

The Windows Mobile Smartphone software adds a lot to the experience. The WM5 software, itself, should be pretty straight forward to anyone who has ever used Windows or a cell phone, so, unless you've been under a rock for the past 10 years, you'll be good to go. WM5 is surprisingly intuitive and really leaves room for you to add to your personal experience with 3rd party programs. The problem is, though, it seems as though no one releases any quality software free of charge for the platform. I'm in the process, right now, of trying to figure out what damn IM application to pay for. It's not a feeling that I am used to. I'm a guy who loves freeware/open source applications and having no opportunity to even check out decent freeware on the phone is a bit disappointing, but, then again, this is an economy based on capitalism.

I do have a gripe with the phone, though. Cingular advertises this thing in commercials acting as a portable media player (in a version of the commercial with the guy walking through the supermarket) and, yet, it doesn't come with any kind of headphones. To make matters worse, it doesn't even have a headphone jack (3.5mm or 2.5mm). The only connection is a proprietary USB style connection on the side. I had to order an adapter online so I could connect a pair of earbuds for when I want to listen to music on the way to work (since they aren't kind to bringing in full mp3 players). I've heard the adapter has a tendency to cause an annoying pop when changing tracks, though, which may mean I have to cough up $30 for the official Samsung buds (only decent audio quality) with a built in microphone or spend even more and get a bulky pair of bluetooth headphones. This whole issue seems to be counterintuitive to the commercials themselves.

All in all, though, I do like the phone. I'm surprised I do since I continually swore it off as being too small. Battery life is a bit sketchy, at times, but I knew that going in and they do provide you with a secondary extended life battery so you can choose form factor or longevity. Of course, if you choose the latter, any size dependent cases (like the one I ordered) won't fit on the damn phone, but that's a rant for another time.

Source: http://www.bangbang023.com/wordpress/archives/356

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such a nerd, always with the reviews :laugh: :p

Kidding, nice write up. Now you just need WM6 :yes:

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