Cut off edges on my HD TV...

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Julius Caro

I have an LG 37LE2R HD-ready TV (an european model, I guess).

It has VGA, Component, HDMI and Scart inputs (and I suppose it has composite too).

I've had this for a few months (since february) and never noticed anything wrong with it. I can hook up a PC with a resolution up to 1360x768 (the TV says it will accept 1366x768 but I don't have that option on my PC). Anyway, when the PC is hooked up with a resolution that high, I can choose the XGA mode (1280x768, 1366x768, 1360x768 and fourth mode I can't remember). It looks fantastic, and with the right settings (it has some auto-adjust setting), it looks better. Since the PC otuputs 1360x768, there's a little black bar on one of the sides, depending on which XGA mode I chose.

Anyway, that's not the problem at all.

I have two HD "things" connected to my tv. An HD satellite receiver, connected via Component, and a PS3 via HDMI. Before I bought the PS3, the satellite receiver was using HDMI. I guess I will eventually buy a switch.

I have them both at 1080i (I think it looks better on this TV, I think the TV doesn't "upscale" 720p content up to 768p very well, when 1080i to 768p looks more 'crisp').

On the PS3, it took me a month but I finally came up to the conclusion I'm missing the sides of the pictures. When I have a webpage on fullscreen, I'm not able to see the sides of the webpages. I thought it was the web browser itself, since it has a few options to change the resolution of the webpage you're seeing and the zoom. But it was the TV. I noticed when I was in Casino Royale BD menu, the buttons on the sides were cut off.

Playing with my TV options, I can actually move the picture up-down and left-right and I can move up to '50' units on both sides. I'm not sure if it is 50 1080-downscaled-to-768 pixels, or 50 actual pixels, or whatever. The thing is, I'm missing picture on both sides. "Up and down" it's only a few pictures.

On the satellite receiver via component, the same thing happens. I was missing picture all this time! There was no way I could ever notice.

The tv reports that the ps3 uses 1080i 60Hz and the satellite receiver is at 50Hz.

There's absolutely no XGA option in either hdmi/component inputs.

I tried going to my tv's service menu, and changed the overscan option. it was set at 5%. Changing it to either 7% or 1% has absolutely no effect at all. I've googled and apparently some TVs have an option in the service menu that allows them to set the actual size of the picture. But mine doesn't. Sometimes when I try going to the service menu I'm asked for a password. Usually on the third attempt it doesn't ask for the password anymore. Maybe I was pressing the wrong buttons ! or maybe there's a supper hidden service menu out there.

What else can I try?! :(

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