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Here's the story -

I had a friend who really takes care of his electronics get mad one day at a game and threw an object at his TV which is 2 years old. This is a 51" HDTV Magnavox rear projection tv. Instead of spending the obligatory $$ to fix it, he bought a new one and gave me his old one.

Now that I have gotten it for free, I am enjoying the fact that I have a near new tv. However, I cannot seem to find anyone on the net or locally that sells it in bulk or will cut it down for me. I am looking for only the "beaded glass" or proper name Lenticular Screen as it is the only item severly damaged.

Does anyone know of anywhere I can buy it in bulk, or precut? I can go through my repair shops, but they have to be ordered in and may cost upwards to $200-$300. Now, I am not complaining about that cost, as it would become a TV of that price, that I would have to pay for it, but the cheaper I can get it, the better. :)

Any direction or advice? I did try Google already and all I could find are directives to go to the shops. I know there has to be some source out there though.

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