Pics of me at Ottawa Half Marathon

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Hey guys! About a year ago I was 200 pounds, 16 years old, and ****ssssssssssed! Then i got off my ass and started running and doing weights! Now I'm 17, 150 Pounds, and BUFF! lol

I only "trained" for this run for 4 months since i hadnt heard of it before!

So my first run of any kind, ever....

1:39:58, 695/7671

not bad i guess?



I hate this picture!





So thanks for looking! Try and imagine me 50 pounds heavier, with no muscle definition or any of that good stuff :o

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I'm in a somewhat similar situation that you are - though I'm 2 years older and I recently started cycling ('tour de france style') and you like proved to me that it's worth it ^^

Really glad for ya and I hope you keep it up :D it's inspiring

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