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Why are my css ids reading things from other id's?



I want my navigation to have have a padding of 2px and a margin-left of -3px so that for my active/hover/normal/visited states they can have a top border with not gaps in between (they are inline). This is fine but for some reason it is applying parts of that to my img hovers and my lightbox img hovers

even though I have told it not to. I have even given the navigation a separate stylesheet but my img:hover's are still reading it.

It looks like the are reading the padding:2px; and margin-left:-3px; because all is fine (except the look of the nav) when I remove them.

My site is here:


Also I know that it is a little broken in IE so don't worry about that bit for now I just need it to work in Firefox right now. thanks.


I was assuming that everyone has Web Dev toolbar, so just in case you don't the css files are Here


Sorry, this can be deleted now All I needed was:

a:link, a:visited, a:hover, a:active{



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