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Slow gigabit networking!?! (6-10%)



This is my connection scheme:


When copying to my PC from Server I get the following results:


The server PC is Windows 2003 Enterprise Server R2 x64, my PC is Vista Ultimate x64. I've tried copying Vista to Vista and XP to XP with the same results. All the connections are Cat5e cables.

NIC in Server: Realtek 8169S on PCI

NIC in My PC: Marvell Yukon 88E8053 on PCI-E

Am I missing something? ...the performance shouldn't be as bad.

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I would turn off jumbo frames until you have some normal speeds, ie well above 500Mbps.. Then you can play with jumbo to get it higher.. Ah thanks for pointing that out I read it as 105 not 1005 ;)

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