Folder Locking Without Software


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Open Notepad or any other text editor. Copy the code below and save as locker.bat. Don't forget to change the password (the field in red). Open locker.bat, it will create a folder called Private. Put the files that you need to hide in this folder. Run locker.bat again, and confirm. When you want to access the folder, just ran locker.bat and enter the password. Run it again to hide it.



title Folder Private

if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK

if NOT EXIST Private goto MDLOCKER


echo Are you sure you want to lock the folder(Y/N)

set/p "cho=>"

if %cho%==Y goto LOCK

if %cho%==y goto LOCK

if %cho%==n goto END

if %cho%==N goto END

echo Invalid choice.



ren Private "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"

attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"

echo Folder locked

goto End


echo Enter password to unlock folder

set/p "pass=>"

if NOT %pass%== password here goto FAIL

attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"

ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" Private

echo Folder Unlocked successfully

goto End


echo Invalid password

goto end


md Private

echo Private created successfully

goto End



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Very nice :)

But I think there's problem that anyone can get password from locker.bat viewed by Notepad.


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Keep the batch file on a thumbdrive or something. Copy it onto the computer to unlock, and then shred it.

If you're serious about security, use an encryption program. If you need to hide things from average Joe Hacker, look into steganography. If you want to hide things from CIA/NSA, keep a can of thermite and a short fuse on top of your computer case.

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A question I want to know is what happen if I delete or move the file locker.bat after I hided the folder "private"??

Can I access the private again??

If you have hidden & system files/folders shown in explorer. You can simply rename it (it appears as Control Panel.{...} ) to turn it back into an accessible folder.

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