who is a spammer?

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hai guys,

i know you really miss me (not), i havent been on neowin for 4 dyas mainly because i travelled to syria, and had to clean my house and get everything ready, a live able home, any how...

opening neowin after fighting to get my right of daily internet, which is pretty hard here in syria, i open my account, and a new message...ok lets see....

shocked me

For once, why don't you try giving some useful input in the threads you spam? All you ever do is quote the OP and add a few words. 95% of the time those words are worthless. Also, there is no need to be a smartass. We already have enough of those on Neowin.

i know i should have this in site\forum issues, however dont want to bother admins and mods with a silly kid, who deosnt respect anyone around, and didnt see that am about 3 years elder than he is, another fact ...

sorry, i cant expose his name , but ...you can find this in his account details

Most active in General Discussion

(134 posts / 14% of this member's active posts)

and you can find mine as

Most active in Hardware Hangout

(104 posts / 14% of this member's active posts)

same percentage exactly, next time, i will say who its, and plz, everyone, let me enjoy a vacation for once in my life....althought quite hard to do in syria too.. :p

cya guys...have a good day every one :p

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If you are having issues with another member, please contact a staff member.

thread closed

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