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I need somebody to create a site that links into phpBB 3.0's database, grabbing?latest topics?in?certain?forums and put them onto the front page.?It's?going?to?be?game?related,?offering?the?latest?demos,?game?updates,?and?news. The front page itself does not need to be complex, just a simple but nice looking page that has the following on it:

  1. Area for 5/10 featured downloads?(probably?easier?to?determine?featured?content?by?stickying?them)
  2. List the 10-15 latest news posts with all its content inside (taken from a particular forum)
  3. Menu to list main page, forums, download,?etc
  4. The downloads page needs to mimic a phpBB category full of forums that are FPS, Simulation, Sports, etc. So the user can then click on one of those categories and then shown all the topics inside that forum (but on the front page). This is basically the game's page that explains what it is, then the download links at the bottom. I'll do the content, but the page layout needs to be clean
  5. Search (which uses google ads search, just needs an area up top and i'll add it)

This all needs to be XHTML/CSS compliant. If anyone is willing to offer a price for this and a little mock up of how they think it w:)ld work, then reply?here.?:)

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