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Archiving Movies

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Here's my situation that I'm sure several others are also in.

I have a bunch of movies that are either on one or two discs which I removed from their DVD cases and put into a CD material CD case (houses around 72 discs). Thing is, it's not a great way that I've found to easily access the discs and whatnot as I'll probably need several of these cd cases to store them all in. A CD spindle is a good way to save space when storing the discs but you obviously can't access and flip through the discs easily.

I was just wondering if anyone had come up with a better way of archiving their movies, and what they've found to be the best way to do so.

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curme    30
Never Lose A CD, DVD Or CDRW Disc Again! The self-stackable CD Library (Storage/Retrieval Manager) links up to 128 units via USB hubs, providing a capacity of 19,200 CD/DVD/CDRW titles.

Finding your CD takes only a single command from your PC, it can also work without a computer. Holds 150 CDs/unit.

CD Manager can be operated manually when not connected to a computer. Great for your DVD collection next to the TV. Standalone works with a management form - supplied - and you simply dial the disk number required and press the button. The disc is made available to you in approx 5 seconds.

Once the CD has been used it can simply be replaced into the slot for further storage. The software also allows you to scan in CD/DVD covers to save within the database and retrieve based on the cover design.

CD Manager comes complete with Power Adapter, USB Cable, CD Rom Driver and Database software, Management Form, User Guide and Security Key. The use of paper labels on CD's is not recommended as the increased thickness may result in the CD sticking.

* Easy & Simple operation

* Get CDs fast and accurately

* Our exclusive CD Server Software included FREE

* Front controls allow standalone use

* Can be linked up to 128 units forlarge library's via USB

* Store and retrieve over 19,000 dis


That's just one example, there are many different types.

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