Fanning the flames of the format war

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Universal's Kornblau Wants Format War to Continue

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There's no longer any question as to who's keeping the hi-def format war alive, or why.

It's Universal Studios and the top home entertainment exec, by his own admission.

...With Universal the only holdout in sticking with HD DVD exclusively, Kornblau reluctantly concedes that HD DVD's position is just fragile enough that if Universal decided to release in Blu-ray now, it would have a serious, if not life-threatening impact on the future of HD DVD. So in addition to weighing how his decision will impact the studio, he now must also factor in the potential demise of the HD DVD format entirely if Universal would opt to release its movies in Blu-ray.

For now, that's not something Kornblau is willing to risk. He says Universal chose HD DVD initially because it offered the least expensive hardware and software manufacturing costs and immediate across-the-board interactivity and connectivity in all HD DVD players. "To this date, nothing's changed," he suggests....

It's part interview, part blog speculation, on a Blu-Ray website, so take it for what it is.

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