Over all, are you glad you switched to Vista?

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my gaming is just fine in vista and i myself will never go back to XP. Drive support is great and so many things in vista make my day to day using the computer simple and more fun then in XP so many thing. so i dont think you used vista for a month cause form what you said it would be you delt with all those issue for 1 month now any other Joe in your shoes would have said I used vista for 2 days and then went back to XP now how long did you really test vista cause in 1 month time you seem to have found nothing over XP witch is Odd when 99% of everything vista offers over XP for the end users and anyone else is apparent from the get go features and small little new things witch make browsing your system more fun and easy and less stressful . so come back when ya have Ran vista on a good system and really have used it .

a dual core system with a 512 meg videocard isnt good?

i ran vista..it cant do naythin xp cant...maybe DX10..but there isnt demand for that yet

and frankly, the only reason i wanted vista was dreamscene, other than that its just eye candy

In a year when vista has a service pack..and all its fixes ill run it

but im not gonna spend 400 on an OS that doenst offer me anythin i dont already have

i also ran vista @ release..so thats prolly why im a bit jaded..im sure it performs ok now..but like i said..its nothing special

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There's not.

Actually there is. Add Full Control to your user in the 'Security' tab of the Properties. Or simplify the process.

That will not help with things like cpuz, which require Admin privledges to collect that info about the system.

It will also not help with any executables signed in such a way to force UAC to ask for permission. Or anything that wants to play with anything system-wide, really.

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I actually think vista tops. On my inspiron 9300... I just have to install vista and everything goes fine installs and so on. Sound card doesn't install at start but the driver appears in windows update and after a restart everything is functional and ready to go. Comparitively with XP...I need to install + get the drivers for wireless + cable adapter and then I can go on the internet. That means I always need to have some drivers for backup. With vista... everything is in the disc and ready to go. So far... i am really happy. I have been shuffling here and there but since I got my original licensed vista version... (I used to test the betas (public tester) and always had xp on the side) and now I am mano vista. No more xp..and I am very happy to let it go.

IF ANYTHING GRIPES me about vista... its how I seem to be LOOSING hard disk space. I have system restore disabled.. at install it was 20/30 gigs left. Now.. its 15/30 gigs left. I don't know how vista stacks up crap. it always goes down and down. I cleaned the disk (disk cleanup) etc... but still. :(

Well.. can't win everywhere...but will be good to find out.

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I have never been happier with Vista 32 Bit, 64 Bit is another story (driver issues)

Here is a Dreamscene I just made (If anyone wants a different res let me know 1440x900



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I believe I replied to this topic before saying that I was satisfied with Vista. I still think it does run faster on my machines, however I have lately run into a bunch of my old games that run perfectly fine on XP but don't on Vista. These are some of my favorite games, and really, it's forcing me to switch back to XP. The only machines I use windows on (2 of them) are meant for gaming, so it makes no sense for me to not be able to play some of my favorite games, so i will be switching back to XP once I get my new hard drives (later this week). Overall I like Vista, but there were some annoying things about it, but most importantly, I can't do with those machines what they are intended to do, so they are being switched back.

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