Appalachian State stuns No. 5 Michigan in 34-32 win

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Cannot believe that no one has posted about this at all.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- Chances are, most of the 110,000 fans at the Big House had no idea exactly where Appalachian State is located.

By the time they saw a blocked field goal in final seconds, this much was certain: The little Mountaineers pulled off one of the greatest upsets in college football history.

Appalachian State 34, No. 5 Michigan 32.

The team from Boone, N.C., took the lead with 26 seconds left when Julian Rauch kicked a 24-yard field goal. Corey Lynch blocked a 37-yard try on the final play, and the Mountaineers sealed a jaw-dropping upset that might have no equal.

"It was David versus Goliath," Appalachian State receiver Dexter Jackson said.

Michigan's three stars on offense and its coach came back this season, putting the NFL and retirement on hold, with high hopes.

Big Ten title. National championship.

Looks like it might be time for Plan B.


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I've not been on Neowin much in about a year or year and a half....but it seem like the sports section is really dead now. I expected to see Neowinians all over this. Where is BroChaos on this topic? :)

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I didn't want to start anything, but it was a great game.

I was in the thick of the crowd at The Big House. It was a great game. I loved listening to all the smack talk as I was making my way into the stadium like how Michigan was going to throwdown 8 touchdowns. I guess not so much huh? heh

I will say this though, afterwards the Michigan fans were very nice. I believe they were more upset with the team rather than us, which was nice.

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michigan lost and so did ND...oh i was a happy boy

And Florid State, too! The trifecta!

I heard that this is the fist time in about 40+ years that all three of those teams have not been ranked in the top 20 (all of them at the same time).

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