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Xbox HD-DVD Player in PCs

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idk_    329


First of all I know that the player works in Vista, not sure if it comes with the software to play it though or if you have to buy that seperately (that'd be first question).

But I guess the major thing I'm unsure about, is whether I need special (HDCP?) graphics card/monitor/cables in order for the DVD to play at high resolutions without downscaling? ?I remember reading something about this with all this next-gen HD technology that you have to buy special gear that supports it otherwise the player will forcefully downscale the quality, is that true?

Currently I have an Asus 8800 GTS grahpics card?and a Chimei 221D monitor?connected?through?a?DVI?cable.

Annoying as all this **** is, I would really like to buy some stuff in HD and some corporate stupidy like my equipment not supprting their protection schemes is one of the main reasons I shy away from this kind of stuff.


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jerzdawg    338

HDCP is not required at the moment.... there is no current timeline set for the HD-DVDs that will require HDCP equipment... so... you are safe for the next few years at least to play all your HD-DVDs in all its glory... I believe you will need the new Power DVD in order to playback the movies though..

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Jason S.    1,541

you still need HDCP compliant components. I have the Xbox drive hooked up to my computer. Movies play great on my HDTV, but wont play on my Dell 2005FPW b/c it doesnt have HDCP.

you dont need special cables. but your monitor and graphics card need to be HDCP compliant. i connect my computer to my TV using a standard VGA cable.

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