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My first attempt at posting any of my work online. Please be gentle :blush:

The first two photos were taken at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK - 2007. The third was taken at Perranuthnoe Beach, Cornwall, UK - 2007. The person in the photo is a friend.




Click on images for larger versions

All of the photos were taken on a Canon 400D on a variety of settings, using either a stock Canon 18-55mm, or a Tamron 70-300mm

All of my work can be seen at my online gallery. Comments and suggestions are welcome. There's not much work there at the moment due to the original site being lost.

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Photo taken yesterday in London around 8 PM.

Canon S80: exp: 1sec, F/2.8. Enhanced in Photoshop with levels/curves and cropping.

Let me know what you think :)


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awesome shot markus.

o0moonman0o, how many pictures do you take a week, on average? And which of your two cameras do you use the most?

lol good question, i dunno how many i take on average, i use my mark3 more now these days as i'm still testing it interms of focus and stuff.

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Im new to this photography business, i just recently got a Samsung NV5 and im totally loving it. Here are some of my fav pics iv snapped so far.

Please criticize me as I want to know if im doing anything wrong and improve!

These were taken during a weekend break at centre parcs






and heres some more from other places




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