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Here's my contribution. Haven't been able to get out with the camera lately due to some really wet weather.


So, the image above is HDR from 9 exposures. It was processed with my usual workflow with some other enhancements like minor sharpening, noise reduction, and a hint of velvia-like emulation with the hues and saturations of the colors. There were a couple layers added on with similar adjustments and I blended them together to get a mix of colors. The original end product was too saturated so I took steps to make it look more believable.

To settle the score on HDR and what it is... Don't expect to be able to fake it with a single exposure. That isn't even HDR in the slightest. It's just Low Dynamic Range with tonemapping applied to it and 90% of the time it just doesn't work. You can manually create the exposures to digitally add more dynamic range but if you do it with anything other than RAW, you might as well give it up right then and there. There is no way possible to force dynamic range out of a jpeg that has already been sharpened and tone curved in-camera no matter bad you want the shot to look differently.

Here is the same scene, but only the even exposure that the camera captured:


As you can see, there is quite a bit of difference between the two. Below is the same picture, but tonemapped, sharpened, and noise removed with a similar workflow. As you can see, it does look pretty decent but a LOT of detail is lost in the water because there is just not enough dynamic range to give it detail causing the highlights to get blown out:


That is how HDR is done, folks. ;)

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Man, the cold weather is here and my hibernate mode is kicking in. I HATE the cold and when it starts snowing I rarely get out unless I have to. I'm such a damn hermit. Anyway, I should start commenting more here 'cause some of your pics are absolutely amazing; and I love how each of you has his own style. Dejon, Rappy, moonman, metro and the rest I forget now, you guys rock. Keep'em coming 'cause I could use some inspiration :yes: Now, here's a few I took today. Just a little play field in my neighbourhood. There's some beautiful fall trees/leaves around here that I need to stop by soon and snap a few pics.



I love my wide angle. I just wish it wasn't so damn "soft" :(

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I like this one I was out at night-time with my new canon L glass this was a manual focus so I was pretty happy with the lens much better than the kit lens.


Whoo Traffic I've got to learn more about metering I keep trying to stick to the rules and when I am in manual mode I keep wanting to keep the light meter thing you see in the view finder in the middle this one I shot with it was over to the right the camera thought I was going to over expose but I think it turned out great.

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I was going to ask what focus mode you where using I guess the AIservo is a lot better on the 1D than the 350D one shot would be hard to use with a bird moving around alll the time.

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